История проекта Pluke (а кому-то и музыка) может напомнить про легендарную группу 9 Lazy 9: тут тоже до появления названия проекта, о котором идёт речь, музыка писалась уже много лет. За это время она успела побывать и жёсткой, и танцевальной, и серьёзной, и и тяжёлой, и излишне слащавой, и беcкомпромисcной, но только не такой, как в рамках нового проекта. А потом Евгений Валуев как будто сказал (неважно кому) "Спокойно!" и начал делать именно спокойную и вдумчивую музыку уже под названием Pluke.

Просто оказалось, что дальше писать эти танцы, эту жесть и эту попсу уже сил никаких нет, но раз уже научился писать музыку, то остановиться невозможно. А раз музыканты взрослеют, то и музыка должна взрослеть.


When it comes to music written by (or with participation of) Eugene Valuev, you can expect almost any style or genre. He started with back in the earliest 2000s and later produced tracks asversatile as you could imagine. There was a period of hard and . There was a period of house that you might expect from Daft Punk meeting Benny Benassi. There were tracks with weird lyrics. There was a time when Eugene would play a gig every weekend with what many would call the most requested and interesting band in Belarus at the moment, and there was a time when for several years the only way to listen to his new tracks was to get invited to his house.

11/10/08 - Pluke Live
11/10/08 - Pluke Live
11/10/08 - Pluke Live

As of 2008 there is a new stage name, Pluke, and Eugene is again ready to rock your dancefloor or to lull your chillout. In fact this Pluke project started with really calm chillout tracks. Some nearly and nearly ones and many that would fall into and categories. Then, without loosing the easy and melodic part, the music got more and more dancefloor fiendly: back in spring and early summer 2008 Eugene has played a few gigs with what you would call and the latest tracks are a that you might expect from LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records label.

Not sure what will come next, but whatever style it was, it was really worth it. So, my advice would be to search for all his music and listen to it a couple of times. There definitely would be a couple of tracks that would meet exactly your taste of music and would remain in your collection for ages.

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